About the CEO


     CLUTCH founder Tia Hobby was raised in the city of Dover, Delaware where she taught herself to sew pieces for herself and later took classes at Delaware State University where she perfected her skill. Tia Hobby began her college career attending Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland where she currently majors in Marketing with a minor in Professional Sales. During her Fall 2018 semester, she founded Vanity Modeling Club, a club dedicated to self development and self expression of its members. Her and her members work diligently to build strong self confidence within each and every individual on their team. They are built on the principles of promoting healthy minds to increase healthy hearts and teach our members that you cannot love anyone until you love yourself. She is also an active member of the Honors College, CEO Club, Black Student Union and a National member of NAACP. She currently works in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship And Economic Development Hub as a Student Entrepreneurship Consultant. Upon entering Salisbury as an undergrad, Ms.Hobby knew that she wanted to begin her own business. While having interests in many fields including modeling, cooking, home decor, hair, public speaking on the importance of self love and self care, and many more fields, she found her heart to be with her love for sewing and styling others.

     Today, Tia still attends Salisbury University as a junior and continuing to work diligently on making her business a success. She is a natural born business woman with high hopes for the future of CLUTCH. With today’s high end market of clothing and accessories consisting of mostly white men, Tia hopes to be part of the change for this market. She takes her time with each individually hand-sewn purse and believes that the quality of her purses should be placed before all.

     The social change that CLUTCH will aim to change is adding variety to the race of those given the seats at the head of the table in the fashion industry, specific to luxury brands. When people think high end fashion, the first brands that come to mind are Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi and many more establishments. The one thing that all of these businesses have in common aside from their inventory are the people who created them. Much of the fashion industry’s top brands are headed by white males and some females but never minority groups. Although minority groups do take up a percentage of the fashion world, their brands seem to stay within the small business to average retail range. Rihanna has recently entered the luxury brand field as an African American artist and she is an inspiration to me beginning my start-up in this industry.