Behind Every Successful Entrepreneur is an Unstoppable Team . . .

Many thanks to those who have been by my side and have been my motivation through every release . . .

Jaden Burnett: Creator of all Crocollection CLUTCH names and Second Release Model

Dmitri Floyd: Crocollection Photographer

Irwin Sharpe: Second Release Photographer

Torie Phillips: Second Release Model

Kyla Scherlag: Second Release Model

Chinazom Ojiaku: Second Release Model

Barry Jones: Third Release Model

Asia: Third Release Model

Zelena: Third Release Model

Nature Dandy: Two Tone Tote Release Model

Andrea Danso: Two Tone Tone Release Model

Davaonte Ellis: Duffle Bag and Two Tone Tote Release Photographer

. . . And a huge thank you to all of my supporters, customers and anyone who keeps me and my brand going. I wouldn’t have the success I have had without you. ♥